Dr n. med. Henryk Mekle

Owner of Body Aesthetic Centre.

Born 24.04.1963 in Katowice.
After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice in 1987, he started work in Department of   Anatomy of the Silesian Academy of Medicine and on Department of Gastrointestinal surgery in central clinical in Katowice in the 14 years of clinic work he gained,
in 1990 first degree specialization in surgery, in 1994 second degree specialization in surgery and in 1996 a doctorate title and became an assistant professor of medicine clinic.
In the years 2001 - 2006 he served as head of surgery department in  voivodship hospital no.2 in Jastrzebie Zdroj.

He undergone gastrointestinal endoscopy cours under the guidance prof. Kornel Gibinski whith he passed and obtain permission culminating in endoscopic procedures. Made more than 4000 research and treatments of upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

Completed basic cours of ultrasonography organized by Polish Ultrasonography Society.
Finished postgraduate studies on subject Management of health services outposts on
"Upper Silesian School of economics"

Since 1998 officiate with wife Private health-care MEKMED in Katowice - Multispecialistic outpatien clinic, as part of run Body Aesthetic Centre.

Henryk Mekle MD specialized in proctology - in lowinvasive treatments with the lasers, dermatosurgery, and cosmetic surgery, especially in liposuction treatments, coatings plastics , breast, buttocks and genitals implants, Blepharoplastics healing vaicose viens of lower extremities by laser and in iniection and laser treatments in aesthetic medicine range. Henryk Mekle MD as first begun liposis laser treatments in 2006, and sculpt posture treatments with the liposuction contributed by ultrasounds.

Undergone international training in the field of liposuction in American Plactic Surgery Academy ,in the field of laser liposis by Konstantinos Gritzals MD in Athens, in the field of ultrasound liposuction by md Ravi Jane from London, in the field of injection liposis and MACROLANE in Akademikliniken in Stokholm by prof Per Haden,in the field of botulinum toxin injection and polilactic acid by md Alessio Redaelli in Milan, in the field of injection lipolis by md Heinrich in Viena 

- Director of International Academy of Aesthetic Lipolysis. Henryk Mekle MD is national trainer in the field of body shaping by VASER LIPO 
Takes an active part in conferences, courses and international and national conferences,including those organized by the Association of Physicians Aesthetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Section of the Polish Medical Society.

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