CELON - evolution in haemorrhoid treatment
Best method available

For the first time a minimally invasive method for haemorrhoid treatment can be recommended.

Celon method (thermal ablation of haemorrhoidal vessels with radio frequency current) is an effective and painless procedure of haemorrhoid treatment. It causes decreased blood flow through haemorrhoids, arrest of bleedings, itch, “wet anus” sensation and the prolapse of mucosa through the anal canal.

A surgeon coagulates haemorrhoidal vessels with a thin electrode without leaving any wounds or deformities in the anus as in case of a standard surgical procedure. The procedure is performed in the presence of an anaesthesiologist, which significantly increases the comfort and safety of the patient, who can leave the clinic within 2 hours after the procedure. In the published research of the assessment of the satisfaction and effectiveness of the Celon procedure, a significant majority from among 1000 patients confirmed its good effects and recommended the method to other patients.

Advantages of the method :

  • procedure duration - approx. 20-30 minutes
  • little painfulness
  • high safety
  • application in advanced haemorrhoids
  • lack of postoperative wounds
  • quick return to everyday duties
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