Laser removal of angiomas, minor vessels and spider veins of the face and limbs.
Laser therapy for removal of facial blood vessels or broken capillaries is a procedure which is quick and effective with minimal discomfort. The laser selectively destroys blood vessels without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. If there are few blood vessels to treat, they are traced with a handpiece resembling a pencil. If there are more widespread vessels a scanner may be used. This allows the treatment of a larger area with one pulse of the laser. After the blood vessel has been treated it appears red and may feel a little hot, similar to a burn. Healing is fast. Results are immediate. Facial vessels can be removed in a very effective fashion using laser therapy. Over 85% of facial blood vessels can be removed in a single treatment with little or no cosmetic "downtime" after treatment. Patients may return to their normal activities without any significant cosmetic inconvenience.

Laser ILVO. Laser procedures of vessels. Laser eliminating of varicose veins of the limbs ( intraluminal laser venous obliteration) it's the most modern method of, which doesn't involve mechanic elimination of varicose veins. It means their thermal coagulation by laser light what causes their closing and deterioration. The technique of the intervention demands using the special laser, it has been known in the world for about 3 years. The price contains 3 surgical consultations, USG Doppler examination, the operation, anti-varicose veins stockings.

Laser and surgical removal of skin lession. Dermatosurgery it is eliminating of changed skin within healthy tissues by means of scalpel, coagulation, CO2 laser or kriotherapy. Indication for this procedure: precancer and cancer lesions, seborrheic keratosis, viral veruccae, condylomata acuminata, fibromas, xanhtomas of eyelids, syringomas, keloids, atheromas, lipomas.

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