Vaser - Liposculpture

The VASER High Defination Liposculpture procedure is an entirely innovative surgical method of body contouring in which not only may we remove excess fat deposits in different parts of the body but also enables excellent sculpturing possibilities of the body. Liposculpture enables the surgeon to perform characteristic enhancements, depressions, grooves and accent shadow areas – associated with a slim athletic look in both men and women. Till today no method of liposuction has been able to achieve such excellent results.
Women are able to obtain a slim waist-line, shapy buttocks, flat abdomen with accented columns of the rectus abdominis muscles with a groove between them and the belly-button. At the lower back the upper limit of the buttocks is highlighted with the sacral triangle with characteristic dimples.

The contours of the breasts are also underlined by the reduction of excessively loose skin on the sides of the breasts and in the armpit regions.

The removed fat may be used for fat transfer to the breasts or buttocks to additionally enhance round contours or to increase volume.

The procedure allows the patient to lose excessive fat around the abdomen, hips, back, armpits, thighs, upper arms, neck and calves.

Body contouring in men with VASER High Definition Liposculpture enables the surgeon to obtain an athletic looking upper body with a highlighted „six-pack” namely the heads of the rectus abdominis muscle unattainable up to now, in addition to an inguinal groove and marked borders of the pectoral muscles, serratus of the chest and latissimus dorsi muscles of the back. At the lower back the upper limit of the buttocks is highlighted with the sacral triangle with characteristic dimples and the midline groove of the borders of the extensor muscles of the back.

Male patients may lose unwanted fat from the abdomen, hips, chest, back, upper arms, armpits and mons regions.

The obtained fat may be used for the enhancement of the pectoral muscles and the deltoids.

VASER High Defination Liposculpture is performed under general anesthesia afterwhich the patient spends at least a night at our Center. The average removed volume of fat is 4-6 litres. It is recommended that the patient wears a compression garment for approx. 1 month covering a 2cm layer of foam. Lymphatic massages should be performed 3-4 days after surgery which enhance the final wizual effect.

The VASER High Defination Liposculpture procedures are conducted by dr n. med. Henryk Mekle, a certified surgeon who was the first to conduct surgery with VASER Lipo systems. He is also a certified national trainer of the procedure. He was also the first to complete a VASER High Defination Liposculture Course, personally trained by the inventor the of the method – Dr Alfredo Hoyos which was the first of training course in VASER High Defination Liposculture in Central Europe.

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